Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun :)

We are having such a fun summer!! The kids have loved playing outside, and we love going to do fun things!! These pics are some of the fun things we have done. We went to the zoo. Jeff and kids saw the bird show, and sat only a few rows up from the stage!
We also had a fun 4th of July (that resulted in me losing my voice for almost 3 weeks). We went to the paradae, and then went and walked around the booths in Provo. Jayden got to meet a princess, and go on a high jump trampoline thing. Thanks to grandma :) We also have gone down to the Riverwoods to some fun summer events, and the latest one was a western theme! We got to go with grandma Karen,(bestest grandma ever), on a carriage ride, eat yummy food, and pet horses. Jayden also got butterfly face painting. She would not wash it off for 2 days! Hope you all are having a fun summer as well ;)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Moab in May 2010

It has been forever!! But here are some pics of when we went to Moab!! We had a blast, we went on a nature walk, and to Arches National Park, we didn't want to come home!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Do we look similar?

Both of these pictures were taken around the boys each turning 7 months old. I have been wanting to compare similar facial expressions to see how much they look alike. I think they do look a lot a like! What do you think?The top picture is Collin last year carving pumpkins,and the bottom is Brody sitting up. I am curious your opinions, so please leave a comment!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! This year Jayden was a bumble bee fairy, Collin was a turtle, and Brody was Santa! I went up and suprised my parents at their house before heading out for the candy. Jeff had to work, so we invited Karen (favorite mother-in-law) to come trick or treating with us! Can you believe she said yes? :) We walked around my neighborhood for close to an hour. It was a perfect amount of time for the kids, and they had so much fun! Brody slept most of the time, and I would carry Collin up to the doors with Jayden. He loved holding out his bucket, and Jayden was great at saying trick or treat, and thank you!
We decided to go up and suprise Jeff at work so he could see the kids. Luckily he was not on a call, and he was very suprised to see us! Josh and Janelle came over and said hi too!
We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. We had a blast!
P.S. In the second picture, can you spot a bumble bee fairy? She is somewhere in the picture! :)

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jayden's birthday started out a 6 am! She got to come to work with me, and help me! We had a holiday kick off party at 8, so for the first couple hours she got to help me work! We had fun. When we got home Jeff had part of her present ready. We decided this year to get her a bike, and helmet. Jeff had the clever idea of just giving her the helmet first to see what she would think. She opened it, and was very excited to have a princess helmet, and very confused on why she needed just a helmet. She was asking if it was for her trike, and Jeff said well maybe you need something else, and went down to the basement and brought her up a bike! She was so excited and has been riding pretty much non stop when we have been home. We have an unfinished basement, so it is perfect for her to ride around!
Jeff and I took her down to the Bean Museum during the day, and on our way she fell asleep in the car because of her early start! Once we were there she was excited!
Later we were going to go take up a cake and ice cream to Jeff''s work and celebrate, but he got busy until late. So me and Collin sang to Jayden again!
We are so happy to have Jayden in our family!

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Jayden's 4th Birthday Party

I can't believe that my little girl just turned 4 years old! Time flies by! This year she decided she wanted to have a princess party. It was a lot of fun to plan, but slightly stressful! 4 year olds can be hard to impress :)
As the kiddos arrived we painted their fingernails to make them feel like princesses! Affter that we played musical chairs, but instead of chairs we had Alladin's magic carpets. As the music turned off, and a child didn't have somewhere to sit and were out, we gave them a treat so they didn't feel left out. As soon as Jayden realized there was candy involved, she prurposly didn't find somewhere to sit so she could get candy!
We then made princess door hangers with pom poms and stickers for each of them to take home and hang on their door knob. They all enjoyed making them and took their time to make them special. They were so creative!
After that we opened presents and had cake and ice cream! She got lots of fun stuff and has played with all of it over the last few days!
Happy Birthday Jayden!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tonight I was working with Brody on sitting up, and suddenly, he was doing it all by himself for a long time! He was being so cute! He was so happy! Lately he has been frustrated with laying down all of the time, so he was so excited to see the world differently! P.S. He is not as close to the stairs as he appears! :)

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